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FLOATING GRIP - Stephanie Skov

The beginning

Hi, my name is Stephanie Skov and I’m the owner of FLOATING GRIP®.

I developed the first wall mount in 2014 for PlayStation 4. My boyfriend, Philip, had a PlayStation 3 Slim which he loved to use for playing GTA and once in a while for FIFA nights with his friends. We both had a hard time finding the right spot for the console. As I care more for interior and home decoration than he did, I found it very difficult to having the console laying around with all the wires leaving a messy look.

One day he told me about the new PlayStation 4 that was about to launch. I really didn’t want him to purchase the new one as we would then have two… He showed me a picture of it and I thought it actually looked pretty nice. That was it, I needed to find a solution.

Nine months later, after a lot of field research, the first wall mount for FLOATING GRIP® was developed. While trying to combine the modern lifestyle with gaming I came up with the system for the wall mounts which today is officially registered World Wide Patent Pending.

February 2014, FLOATING GRIP® was born and ready to conquer the world.

This was the beginning of FLOATING GRIP®. 


FLOATING GRIP® has grown from one wall mount for PS4 to a wide range of wall mounts for several PlayStation and Xbox versions. Furthermore, the product range has expanded due to customers’ demands. The product range now include wall mounts for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Apple TV. All of our wall mounts are still produced in Denmark, the home market, and we are planning on keeping it that way.

We are constantly improving and expanding the concept. We have therefore added our own ‘gadgets’ for the console by offering new and cool skins for instances. All of our products are produced in the spirit of FLOATING GRIP® – with focus on design, fun and functionality.

FLOATING GRIP® is already represented in various countries, both through our global web-shop and through external retailers around the world.

Our FLOATING GRIP® wall mounts are unique and offer a new design and functional touch compared to other wall mounts available on the market today.

This is not just something that we think of our own products, but something that is confirmed by our officially World Wide Patent Pending application.

Our brand name, FLOATING GRIP®, is now a registered trademark owned by FLOATING GRIP ApS.

Additionally, the company is growing every day and is not only offering physical products. As a FLOATING GRIP® owner, you support a growing company started by a young girl in Denmark. You can follow the journey of a fast growing company with ambitious visions right here – so stay tuned. 

Social responsibility

We are very proud that all of our products are produced and manufactured in Denmark. We use several suppliers in our production that work with rehabilitation of people who have been affected by illness or an accident. We are proud to support them by placing part our business with them.

Shared value

FLOATING GRIP® sponsor eSport teams from around the world. We love that we are able to support a fast growing sport. A sport that is full of passionate people that love gaming as much as we do.


Our mission is to run a company that our customers are proud of. We live up to our social responsibilities – for the whole world and our community.

We want to offer all console owners a great and neat solution for mounting their console in a safe and stylish way.

Our goal is to inspire everyone to mount in a new and creative way with FLOATING GRIP®!

Passion and persistence to innovate are what moves the people behind the brand. The existence of FLOATING GRIP® is based on the will to innovate and the will to create the desired product rather than settle for what already exists. The ambition for FLOATING GRIP® is to offer user-friendly, quality-conscious and not least solid wall mounts that is unique (Patent pending) and recognized for its design and functionality.


We are proud to be sponsoring different eSport communities. To us it is exciting to be able to make a small difference to these communities as we love to be part of their eSport events and tournaments.  

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