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On this page you can read about how FLOATING GRIP started and abuot the founder and owner Stephanie Skov. 

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When annoyed with something the best you can do, is to fix it! That’s what made me developed the first FLOATING GRIP back in 2014. I thought the PS4 was taking up too much space on the counter and the cables from the console to the TV was making the room look messy.

Therefore I was searching for a solution to fix this issue. I couldn’t find anything neat and stylish to storage the console in. I then tried to make my own wall mount. I wanted to console to be displayed on the wall right next to the TV – in this way the cables would be hidden behind the TV and not make a mess. The space on the counter would be free from the console.

Female Entrepreneur, Stephanie Skov

In 2014 I was 23 years old and designed the first FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount. Back then I was a Bachelor Student at Copenhagen Business School studying Philosophy and Economy. I did design the Mount for myself and just after a while with requests from friends, I realized that I could start producing the mounts and perhaps sell them. So I did. 

I started creating a cheap web shop, ordering parts home for a small productiona and designed packaging. The sales was surprisingly good and I got busy producing these mounts from my living room. With the growing demand I realized that I needed to grow the capacity, have other people producing for me and improve the products with higher quality parts to the ultimate strength and duability.  I also needed build an organization as this had now become a real business. 

Today everything has changed a lot and FLOATING GRIP is a global selling company with many resellers in different countries, 44 different products, and with many throusands of FLOATING GRIP fans world wide.  

The production of FLOATING GRIP products is mainly in Denmark and Poland. I don’t have anything to do with the production anymore but I’m still the designer and developer of the new products. I furthermore take care of running the company with all it takes, economy, marketing, developing, strategy, resellers and much more. For example one thing that I care a lot about, is the Customer service because I think it’s very important to be in contact with the customers. It’s always fun to hear and see how people use FLOATING GRIP for their setup!