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We are always looking for new amazing affiliates to be part of the FLOATING GRIP® success!

FLOATING GRIP® is a new gaming universe. Our mission it to offer smart products for gamers to upgrade their gaming area. Gaming and eSport is growing rapidly and we at FLOATING GRIP® are excited to be offering gaming gadgets to gamers around the world.

Are you a gamer by hart and do you love to post things about gaming, then you might be able to join our affiliate program.

Become an affiliate to us

Do you love our products and want to share them with your friends and followers? 

With our affiliate program you can share the news about FLOATING GRIP® with your friends a earn some money from it every time someone purchases from your unique link (provided when accepted as affiliate with us). 

About Our affiliate program

As an FLOATING GRIP®-affiliate we want you to earn from your effort. The rules are very simple:

  • If you get accepted as an affiliate to us you will receive an e-mail after applying with acceptance.
  • You will get your own page where you can follow your profess through graphs and statistics.
  • You will get your very own referral link. Every time someone uses your link to place an order at you will get a commission of 15% of the purchase minus the shipping costs. 
  • You get your own discount code that you are free to share to your followers and friends. They have to apply the code at the end of the purchase.The code allows 15% off the entire Webshop.
  • you can order your products on our webshop with your referral link and your discount code too. That means that you will receive 15% when placing the order + 15% commission for your own referral.
  • Payments are transferred to your provided PayPal account every time you reach a total of min. 50 EUR in referral (or end of each month).

There are no rules concerning when, how or how often you promote your code and referral link. It all depends on how much you want to earn at the end.

We are looking forward to receive your applivation and hopefully have you in our team of new ambassadors.


Did you know, that FLOATING GRIP® was developed by a girl, Stephanie Skov, back in 2014. She developed the first wall mount for the PS4 original. She developed it for herself and her boyfriend’s console. It was laying messy on the floor and she wanted to save space and he wanted a cool gaming station. Since then FLOATING GRIP® has expanded and we are now selling the world’s smartest and most innovative wall mounts in several versions and other gaming gadgets to all around world. Most of the products are made in Denmark by amazing people who too are excited to be part of this adventure. FLOATING GRIP® is sponsoring eSport events, communities and teams all over the world, which we are very proud of being able to. Even through everything sounds so big and amazing, FLOATING GRIP® is still a small company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The FLOATING GRIP®-family feeling is very important to us and we are always welcoming more to join the adventure and growth.

We want to be able to offer even more gamers cool products and make them part of the FLOATING GRIP®-family – with your help!