Affilaite Program | Become part of the FLOATING GRIP affiliate program

Become #FGaffiliate and earn affiliate commissions!

On this page you can read about how to apply for our affiliate program and what we request from you to become part of the program. It’s very important that you carefully read everything before you send your application. 


Can I apply if I don’t have a FLOATING GRIP at home? Yes and no – Yes, you can, but we prefer that you have a your own FLOATING GRIP at home because that shows us that you are generally interested in FLOATING GRIP and not just looking for free prodcts. 

How many followers do I need? There is no number for how many followers and likes you need. We are looking into your account and valuating how much interaction you have with your followers.


Are you eligible?

FLOATING GRIP® started in 2014 and has grown mostly because of Word-Of-Mouth marketing. We believe in sharing good experience and that is exactly what you should do with your followers who pass their experience to their followers and friends! 

Are you a gamer by hart and do you love to post things about gaming, then you might be able to join our affiliate program.

You should check the following if you are eligible to attend our affiliate program. 

  • As an #FGaffilaite you get paid a commission through PayPal for every purchase made through your link. 
  • You account needs to be with your own photos (gaming setup relevant) to be accepted. Only clear and high quality.  
  • You need to own a FLOATING GRIP-wall mount. It’s important that you love and enjoy your own wall mount before you come an #FGaffiliate. It must be your own real experience you promote to your followers. 
  • You will be removed as an #FGaffiliate if you haven’t generated leads within one month. 
How to get into the program? It’s super easy, just fill out the form and send it to us. We will receive it within a few days and then you will receive an email from us with a link to submit your affiliate account.

How much can you earn? Well, that depends on how much you sell. Our commission rate is 25%. 

What about a discount code? YES, you will receive a discount code (You decide the name of the code) for your followers to use allowing them 20% off! 

Do you get free products? This depends on how well you perform. If you do well and have a great profile we different options like fx. Giveaways for your followers. 


When you become an #FGaffiliate you are free to produce any relevant content. You are also fee to use any of our pictures. 

We want our #FGaffiliates to be authentics to FLOATING GRIP and therefore you much share pictures with your FLOATING GRIP-mount on your profile. AND you much post regularly. If we can’t see any pictures on your profile shared regularly you will not get your commission paid.  

Apply to become #FGaffiliate here