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FLOATING GRIP® partners with Starcade

FLOATING GRIP® partners with Starcade

FLOATING GRIP® is teaming up with Starcade in Aalborg, a newly announced esports- and gaming event to create a fantastic experience for all participants at the event.

We have a passion for more than just gaming at FLOATING GRIP®. We have a passion for competition, community and start-ups as well. That is one of the reasons why we are pleased to announce that we are the main partners on the FIFA tournament at Starcade in Aalborg. We had a chat with Kristoffer Bjøreng Smedstrup, the head of Starcade, about the newly formed event as well as our role in the event.

Kristoffer’s day job is running the FIFA- and esports organizer Sports-Gaming.dk, which yearly has more than 70 events around the nation. For this specific event, Kristoffer has been hired as the project manager, which gives him the responsibility of managing partnerships, activities and multiple other parts of the events structure. Starcade has its maiden voyage this year, which leaves excitement and tension in the air up until the debut on August 17th. Kristoffer explains: 

”It’s always exciting with a debut, and that’s why we approach the event with butterflies in our stomachs. We have a big goal in mind, which is to be the biggest gaming festival embracing the entire industry in Denmark – that means both LAN, esport, games development, teaching etc. We of course are hoping for a success on all parameters in our first year, but we do realise that it takes a long time to create long lasting success. That is why it’s so awesome that we already this year are envisioning years 2 and 3, so that we can fulfill the dreams we have, but might not be possible to reach this year.”

FLOATING GRIP ® has its primary role as a partner in the FIFA tournaments of the event. FIFA is a console based game, and we live for consoles. That’s why this is the perfect spot for us as a partner. And as Kristoffer says, these will not be your average tournament.

“The FIFA tournaments with be the primary tournaments at Starcade, and if we compare them to other FIFA tournaments around the country, these will be at the very top. EA has some limitations set in regards to prize money, but these will go right to the limit. At the same time, some of the biggest stages at our venue will feature some games, so you will definitely get a unique experience in August.“

When we choose a partnership, we need to see mutual values, and with Starcade, that was exactly what we did. Kristoffer explains it in further detail: 

“We are always in need of partners, who can offer us and our competitors something, and with FLOATING GRIP® we have a match made in heaven. All the tournaments are done on PlayStation, and FLOATING GRIP® delivers first grade wall mounts. It’s basically a win-win situation!”

Now, the most important thing: Why should you visit Starcade? It’s a totally new event, so there’s no previous experiences with the event. But Kristoffer has big promises and makes sure to surprise the guests with everything the world of games has to offer.

“People should visit Starcade, also because it is new and exciting, but there’s free entry for guests. There will be a lot of different things to try out as a guest – how about throwing yourself into trying a game, that hasn’t been released yet? In our games development area, there are a ton of options to do so. At the same time, we are going heavily in on VR experiences, and you can challenge the pro player Pimp to a round or two in CS:GO. August Rosenmeier will also be there for some head to head duels in FIFA.”

If you want to visit Starcade, be sure to follow this link to find out more about the amazing event. You can also purchase LAN tickets and FIFA tickets for the event. We hope to see you there!