FLOATING GRIP® at Dutch Comic Con

FLOATING GRIP® meets Dutch Comic Con.

After our latest presence at Copenhagen, we go overseas this time – and our destination was the place of all things “geeky”, Comic Con.

If you by chance don’t know about Comic Con, it is one of the biggest international festivals for some of the main parts of geek culture. Not only does it feature stands for gaming, cosplay, merch and strips, but it also features special guests from pop culture over the years. Featured in Utrecht amongst others were Dwight Schultz from The A-Team and Star Trek as well as Zach McGowan from The 100 and Black Sails.

This specific event attracted more than 20,000 visitors during the two-day event. As a visitor, you could, amongst other things, take part in the many tournaments in a diverse range of games. It featured classic esports such as FIFA and Super Smash Bros. as well as Tekken and Dragonball FighterZ. There were of course many other games on display, also to take part in or just play casually, if the tournament feeling wasn’t desired. Is gaming isn’t your thing, you could also take a look at the immensely talented cosplayers featured at the event. With cosplayers coming from both the EU and USA showing off their amazing costumes, the guests were surely amazed by the craftsmanship and pure talent displayed.

Everything under one roof

Comic Con has not become infamous for its gaming and cosplay features, though. The thing it has gained its notoriety from is definitely the panels featuring movie- and TV stars from the present and past as well as the huge expo area for all the guests to visit. With multiple great features besides those listed earlier, there was something for everyone – even if you didn’t speak Dutch. A lot of the features were international as well, which meant that the crowd was very diverse.

But what’s most important for many (and us as well!) is the expo area. Whether you are into games, comics, movies, gadgets or something completely different, this part of the event has got you covered. We were represented with our Dutch partners at Clever Gaming joining 253 other stands from all across Europe at this amazing event. We had a quick chat with the owner, Patrick Reynen, about his company and the experience at Comic-Con.

“We make custom gaming controllers and luxury gaming accessoires. We give people the chance to personalize their controller for their own wishes. We have had a lot of special requests and celebrities ordering custom made gaming gear. We have also started selling Floating Grip as the exclusive seller in Netherlands.The event was in general about comics, strips and series etc., but the festival has grown a lot over time and is now also focusing on other things like gaming. The experience was fun and the crowd is dedicated.”

We are proud to be represented at another international event, so we can show off the FLOATING GRIP®-flag across the world. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate though our great partner at this event and we hope to be represented at many, many more like this in the future!