Welcoming av-cables.dk as our new reseller

Buy your FLOATING GRIP® wall mounts at Av-Cables.dk

Introducing our newest reseller in Denmark

We are so excited to introducee our new reseller in Denmark, Av-Cables.dk.

As a small company like us it’s always a huge victory when gaining new partners. We are proud to announcing new partners but we are not looking for any partners. We are picky and we only want our products to be represented by resellers who fits into our criteria. Av-Cables.dk are perfect.  


Av-Cables.dk is an online Danish reseller mostly known for having the largest selection of cables for any electronic devices. However, today they are selling all kinds of products and accessories for the electronic interested customers. Their gaming section is large as well and this makes it the perfect reseller for us to work with.

Another thing we look at with new resellers are their trust value and customer care level. Av-Cables.dk has more than 65.000 reviews by customers through the years and 5/5 stars rating. This is very impressive and we are proud to sell our products through a reseller with this high standard and level of customer service. It shows us that they take pride in good customer service and responsibility – the perfect shop to sell our products from.

We are looking forward to an accelerating partnership with Av-Cables.dk. Hopefully they can help us grow FLOATING GRIP® and make even more people fall in love with our wall mounts and other gaming gear to improved their gaming setup.

We hope for a long lasting and good partnership with Av-Cables.dk

Take a look at their site here: www.Av-Cables.dk

Stephanie Skov

Stephanie Skov

Hi, I'm Stephanie Skov, the founder and owner of FLOATING GRIP®! I hope you enjoy the FLOATING GRIP® universe of gaming gears for the ultimative setup!

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FLOATING GRIP® was founded back in 2014 with a single wall mount made PlayStation 4 Original, but just for private use. Due to requests for samples for friends she started producing more and since then the company has grown to a global player within the gaming industry of Wall Mounts and other gadgets for the ultimative gaming setup! Today FLOATING GTIP® is being sold worldwide and the product range keep growing with new products. 

The mission is to offer all console owners around the world a super sleek and smart FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mount! Play With Style!  

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