Komplett.dk is now selling FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts for Gaming consoles

Now you can order your FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts through Komplett in Sweden, Denmark And Norway!

We are so EXCITED to be sharing this amazing news with the rest of the world! We have just started our corporation with the huge Scandinavia retailer; Komplett! 

FACTS about Komplett. 

Did you know: Komplett is a Norwegian e-commerce company with nine webshops in 3 countries in Scandinavia? Well, FLOATING GRIP® is being sold through their main webshops: www.komplett.no, www.komplett.se and www.komplett.dk!   

Since their mail assortment is computers, gaming, TV and other components within tech we find their platform perfect for our products to be sold. We know they can represent us very well and guide FLOATING GRIP® customers! 

We have promised to fix this issue! NOW you can buy your FLOATING GRIP® Wall mount in NORWAY from a shop located in NORWAY – WHAT!!! 

YES, finally you can order your FLOATING GRIP® products from a reseller, Komplett, in NORWAY! We are very pleased to finally be able to sell FLOATING GRIP® products to the Norwegian console owners without having to deal with shipping / tax issues! Norway is a great market with a lot of (COOL) gamers who have been asking for a reseller in Norway for a very long time!

Therefore we are very excited that Komplett.no will be one of our resellers in Norway and serve the Norwegian customers with our products.   





Stephanie Skov

Stephanie Skov

Hi, I'm Stephanie Skov, the founder and owner of FLOATING GRIP®! I hope you enjoy the FLOATING GRIP® universe of gaming gears for the ultimative setup!

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FLOATING GRIP® was founded back in 2014 with a single wall mount made PlayStation 4 Original, but just for private use. Due to requests for samples for friends she started producing more and since then the company has grown to a global player within the gaming industry of Wall Mounts and other gadgets for the ultimative gaming setup! Today FLOATING GTIP® is being sold worldwide and the product range keep growing with new products. 

The mission is to offer all console owners around the world a super sleek and smart FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mount! Play With Style!  

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