Freelance agreement - Intern - FLOATING GRIP

Freelancer agreement

We are excited that to welcoming you to work for us as a freelancer! Your work will mean a lot to us, FLOATING GRIP, and our customers! 

Before you can start as a freelancer for us, we need you to fill out the fields below with some standard information about you and payment details. 

1. Prices and work rates: 

We have agreed on a fixed price for the work you deliver. How long time you choose to spent on the work is fully up to you as long as you deliver the expected and agreed work. 

Add to the fixed price can be commission which will be agreed on between FLOATING GRIP and the freelancer.  

You are not on a contract, meaning you can always stop the work and decline the work we offer if you are not interested. If you choose to accept the assignment we expect the work to be done as requested. 

2. Payment schedule and method 

Payment will be transferred once a month (ever end of the month) through PayPal. The freelancer therefore must have a PayPal account to be paid. 

3. Deadline and timeline 

We always agree on a deadline beforehand. We, FLOATING GRIP, suggest a deadline and then the freelancer can accept or suggest another one if better. 

4. Copyrights 

Every assignment returned is owned by us, FLOATING GRIP, and we are entitled to use it anywhere. 

5. Material rights 

The freelancer will be granted access to intern materials that are all owned by FLOATING GRIP. The freelancer are allowed to use these materials for the purpose of the work given by FLOATING GRIP and for FLOATING GRIP. The materials are not allowed to be used in other context. Intern information and knowledge shall be kept intern and can not be shared elsewhere.