Inspiration | FLOATING GRIP for PlayStation | Xbox | Switch | Apple

There are so many ways to mount your console

Mounting your console is maybe new to you. Did you know that thousands of people have their console mounted in a FLOATING GRIP® wall mount. We have shared some of them. Check it out below and get inspired.

Whether you use your console every single day or you use it once in a while for a match of FIFA, this is of interest to you. The cool thing about consoles and gaming is that everyone can be part of it on different levels. Furthermore, consoles are no longer only for gamers, now everyone uses it for streaming videos or series too.

The pictures on the page are all from FLOATING GRIP®-owners shared at Instagram. The pictures are great because they show in different ways how you can style your own gaming area in your way.

Check out more at @FloatingGrip or #myFloatingGrip for gallery and further inspiration on how to mount your PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or Apple TV