Download Manuals online for your FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts

Download the manual for your FLOATING GRIP wall mount

On this page you can find all of the manuals in PDF format for the Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP. 

We recommend you to make sure you use the correct manual for the type of Wall Mount you have. It’s very important for the Wall Mount to function correctly.   


Can I print the manual on a normal printer? Yes, the manuals are made for A4 paper (which is the typical paper format used in a most printers). 

I don’t have a printer. Can I just get the measurements? No, we do not recommend that. It’s very important that the mounting parts are placed exactly where they should be according to the manual. If not, the mount will not fit. Therefore, if you do not have a printer, we recommend that you contact a friend for help. 

Can I make my own Wall Mount and use your measurements? That’s up to you. I, Stephanie, who is the designed behind all the wall mounts definetly appreciate if you will buy a FLOATING GRIP and in that way support my small company. Anyway, if not, then please be aware that we do not take any responsibilities for people who use our manuals for other things that the original FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts produced and manufactured by us. Please be aware, that we offer 2 years of warranty on all of our products, meaning we take responsibility for our own products. 

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