Share your #NeedFLOATINGGRIP photo with us and you might be the lucky winner!

We have a mission about making FLOATING GRIP® for everyone. Unfortunately, we have experienced that some people does not have the financials to order a FLOATING GRIP® themselves. Therefore, we have decided to make a possibility for every one to get one. 


How do we choose the one? Well, we will look into the quality of the photo shared and the need of a FLOATING GRIP®-product. Show us exactly where you need it, how you would like to make the setup stand and what specific FLOATING GRIP®-product you need to make the perfect setup for you. 

You can ONLY participate ONCE! And we kindly ask you to respect that it’s our chose to choose the one. If it’s not you, please be happy for the person who gets to win. This is not a giveaway company, but we do feel that it’s nice to be able to give to someone who needs it. Let’s help each other. 

HOW TO ENTER? You can enter the competition on Instagram by #needFloatingGrip and show us your setup. It’s very important you you show us exactly how you would like the setup to look and what product you need. 

HOW DO WE CHOOSE THE WINNER? It’s very important that you take a clear and high quality picture of the setup you have and show us how you need a FLOATING GRIP®. We will choose the one we feel like we can help the most! 

Remember, we must be able to reach you easily otherwise you won’t be eligible. 

UPS: Please read and make sure you understand the following terms to participate! 

– By entering this contest (#needFloatingGrip) you agree that we can use your photo on any online platform. 

– The winner will receive a gift card (Maximum 40 USD) that can be used on our web shop. The gift card CAN NOT be transformed into money. One can only win once and this counts for the entire household.