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We have Wall Mounts for PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo and Apple TV. Beside this we have LED lights for the consoles and holders for your headset.


Xbox One Wall mount

The Xbox One wall mounts by FLOATING GRIP® is designed to leave your console stylishly and discreetly placed on the wall. The system is patent pending and designed to be super user-friendly. Besides this, it is also designed to be functional with easy access to the disc drive, the cable plugs and a 360’degree of ventilation.

As the console needs airflow, the Xbox One wall mount is designed to allowing the console a 360-degree ventilation. This is unique compared to other wall mounts.

The wall mount system consists of three special developed parts which together ensures a solid solution that stabilizes the console. Furthermore, the console can quickly and easily be adjusted to level in the wall mount do to the system.

With the Xbox One wall mount by FLOATING GRIP® you save space and at the same time are able to create a cool area as it leaves your console in a stylish floating position on the wall. Now you can save the space, no more wires are laying around and you can have you console in the perfect spot right next to, underneath or beside your TV.
Disclaimer: It is advised by Microsoft not to position the Xbox One vertically when using the disc drive as the console might not be able to read discs in vertically position. We therefore recommend that you mount the console in the wall mount for storage when not in use, if using the disc drive. If you do not use the disc drive there is no issue and you can easily mount it vertically on the wall while in use.

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