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Reviews about FLOATING GRIP by customers and magazines

On this page you can see read some of the reviews made about FLOATING GRIP by magazines and gaming forums, as well as from private customers. None of the reviews are paid reviews, as we want to make sure that 

Product review (Danish)

Product review (Danish)

Product review (German)

Product review (Danish)

Product review (English)

Product review (German)

Press coverage

Beeing mentioned in all of these magazines and newspapers makes us super proud and makes us want to do more. Our products are helping people improve their spot around their TV and it optimizes the space.  


This is a well known Danish magazine writing about entrepreneurship. We are therefore super proud to have had an article featuring Floating Grip in this magazine.


This German magazine mentioned FLOATING GRIP® as a great gadget for home interior decoration.

We are extremely proud to be mentioned in the local newspaper in Herning. Herning is the city in Denmark from where we have our production. Herning is also the home town of Stephanie, the owner of FLOATING GRIP®

In 2015 FLOATING GRIP® and the owner Stephanie Skov was nominated to ‘Young hope of the year´. CBS observer wrote an amazing article about this, which we were really proud of.

So extremely proud to be mentioned in the article together with other entrepreneurs.  The article is about great businesses to keep an eye out for when it comes to growth.

Great article about how to organize your electronic gadgets in different and stylish ways. Floating Grip is featured for the possibility of mounting the console neatly next to the TV saving both space and keeping control of all the wires.

How did it all start and what is the story behind… This is what this great article is about. It is explaining the story on how it all started.

This article also wrote an interesting article about how we were nominated to the prize for ‘young hope of the year in Denmark’.

Yet another article from the Dansih newspaper. This time the article was a 1 year status after the publication of the first article.

How do people engage and like our products?

This page is all about showing you some of the reviews we have.

Reviews is a great way for you as a customer to get a quick and reliable view on our products and service.

After a purchase all of our customers receive an e-mail concerning their experience with us. Furthermore we have people or forums testing our products, to create reviews too. It’s very important to notice, that we do not pay anyone to write us reviews. This means that our reviews are all made by people who are generally interested in our products.

As FLOATING GRIP® is started by a young girl, we have a lot of press coverage concerning the company. It is actually mostly about the company and its performance, as well as about the owner Stephanie Skov. Stephanie Skov is the young entrepreneur from Denmark, who developed FLOATING GRIP® and is still in controle and running the company.

Finally we have a section with our sponsorships. We love to be able to support eSport communities. It is an hornor to be able to support eSport, the fastest growing sport in the world. It is also a sport with lot of energy, many different kinds of people simply together for one purpose; having fun and gaming.