Covers for your FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts – Black


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Add on to your FLOATING GRIP®-mount - covers


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Add covers to your FLOATING GRIP®-Wall Mount bundle 

If you want to add a little extra to your setup then these covers are a good solution.

All covers are made out of 3D print, meaning they are unique. We have different bright colors that make your setup stand out. The quality of the covers are very high. We get our 3D printed products from one of the leading 3D printing companies in Europe. The texture of the material is very fine and soft, meaning the covers are nice to touch.

  • Made in Denmark
  • Danish Design

Console and controllers are not included and must be purchased separately. The same is for the Wall mounts by FLOATING GRIP. FLOATING GRIP is a trademark of FLOATING GRIP ApS.


covers for the FLOATING GRIP wall mount

Add on some colorful covers to your FLOATING GRIP-setup. The Covers are 3D printed in some of the best materials. The texture is very soft and fine, meaning you won’t evening notice that it’s printed. 

WHY? Yes, Why would we want to make 3D printed covers? 
We care about technology and smart design. We have been working with one of the leading 3D printing companies in Europe. It’s very interesting what they can do and how strong the materials are. We are a company that’s very keen on development and quality. 

We hope you are doing to enjoy your new covers. 

Good to know about us


We focus on simplicity in all of our products. The covers are designed and innovated by the Founder, Stephanie Skov, in corporation with design technologists.


YES, we do guarantee our Wall Mounts. We know you have paid good money for your devices and want you to feel 100% comfortable using our Wall Mounts.

Since 2014

Why choose FLOATING GRIP®? FLOATING GRIP® started back in 2014 selling one version Wall Mount for PS4 (original). Since then the Brand has expanded to offering several versions and selling to gamers around the world.

Proudly Made in Europe

All of our Wall Mounts are produced in Denmark with parts delivered from around in Europe. We have high industrial companies producing some parts and local workers packaging the different products.

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