VR goggle hanger by FLOATING GRIP® (mount for charger incl.)


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Hang your VR Goggles on your wall

Hang your VR Goggles on your wall to storage them when not in use. It is super easy to hang your VR on the hanger by FLOATING GRIP.

The Hanger is made out of 3D print. It is printed in the highest 3D material quality with a very fine and minimalistic structure. The Hanger consists of 2 parts. The first part is screwed into the wall. With a locking mechanism on the first part, the second part (the cover) lock when placed on the first part. This means that the screw used to hold the hanger to the wall is hidden inside not not visible.

  • Danish Design
  • Proudly produced in Europe

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VR Goggles are sold separately from external retailers. FLOATING GRIP is a trademark of FLOATING GRIP ApS.

How to Mount the hanger
by FLOATING GRIP® for VR Goggles

The Hanger by FLOATING GRIP® is designed to hold your VR Goggles safely on your wall. It’s a simple hanger with complex design. Due to the design you can’t see any screws on the wall when mounted. There are two parts and the outer part, the cover, makes the minimalistic look. 

The hanger is made out of 3D print. The 3D printing is made in one of the most advanced 3D-companies in Europe. The material is very strong with fine lines and elegant in its structure. 

We focus on high quality, and this is the finest quality possible within 3D. 

WHY? Why did we choose 3D print? Because we are a new thinking company. We like new technology and this was the reason we made this hanger in 3D print. 

Good to know about us

Strong and thoroughly tested materials

Our hangers are 3D printed in the strongest materials on the market. We have been working closely with the leading 3D print company in Denmark about making strong products for us with a nice finish.


YES, we do guarantee the functionality of our hangers. We know you have paid good money for your devices and want you to feel 100% comfortable using our hangers.

Customer support

We are more than happy to assist you the best way possible. We reply within 24 hours (business days) and you can call us, chat with us or e-mail us - no matter what way you prefer we are happy to help you.

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