PlayStation 4 Slim wall mount incl. covers – Bundle Delux

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PlayStation 4 Slim wall mount


PlayStation Controller wall mount


Add on to your FLOATING GRIP®-mount - covers


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Mount your PS4 Slim and controllers safely on the wall right next to your TV

We know you have paid good money for your console, which is why the wall mount is designed to leave your PS4 Slim safely and discreetly placed on the wall. The wall mount allows easy access to the disc drive and the cable plugs. Furthermore, the wall mounts allows 360 degree of ventilation for your console.

In this package you receive a package of our covers too. Choose your favourite colour to personalise your setup.

  • Upgrade your gaming station and save space
  • Allow 360 degree of ventilation
  • Strong and thoroughly tested materials
  • World Wide Patent Pending


Tutorial videos: How to mount your PlayStation 4 Slim/PS4 Slim and controllers on the wall and add the covers

The first tutorial video shows how to mount the PlayStation 4 Slim/ PS4 Slim and controllers in the wall mount by FLOATING GRIP®. The three mounting parts screwed into the wall are controlling the wall mount when the console is mounted. They stabilise and make it easy for you to level the console.

The second video show how to place the add on covers. It’s very easy, you simply press the covers above the plastic mounting parts.

Additional information

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  • Mount your PlayStation 4 Sim / PS4 Slim and controllers easily on the wall right next to (or behind) your TV to save space.
  • Weight: 0.05 kg
  • Fits console: PlayStation 4 Slim / PS4 Slim
  • Fits controllers: PlayStation
  • Max. weight load: Our wall mount can hold consoles weighing up to 10 kg. (22 lbs). Note: PS4 Slim weighs approximately 2,8 kg. (6 lbs) and a controller weighs approximately 0.2 kg. (0.4 lbs).
  • Nice to know: The only thing you need to mount is a screwdriver and/or a drill. Screws, wall plugs and bits are included
  • Origin: Made in Denmark
  • Functionallity rigthts: Patent Pending by FLOATING GRIP ApS
  • Note: Console and controllers are not included

Wall mount for PlayStation 4 Slim/PS4 Slim and controllers by FLOATING GRIP®

Our wall mounts allow you to mount the PlayStation 4 Slim/ PS4 Slim and controllers safely on the wall in a minimalistic and clean look. All of our wall mounts are produced in solid and strong materials that securely stables the console when mounted on the wall. The wall mount allow 360 degree of airflow and therefore does not obstruct ventilation. Furthermore, the wall mount does not cover any entrances for disc, ports, and cables.

The wall mount for the console consists of three special developed parts which together ensures a solid solution that stabilizes the console. The wall mounts for the controllers consist of a more simple system, that secures the controllers in a easy grip. Furthermore, both console and controllers can quickly and easily be adjusted to level in the wall mounts do to the patented system.

With FLOATING GRIP® you save space around your TV, you secure the console and controllers, and avoid the mess with wires laying around.

FLOATING GRIP® is a Danish Company and all products are produced in Denmark

Strong and thoroughly tested materials

All wall mount grips are stress tested to ensure each and every grip complies with our high product standards.

Safe and secure

We know that you have paid good money for your PlayStation 4/PS4 which is why we have developed a safe system that secures your console nicely on your wall.

360 degree of ventilation

Your device needs ventilation to avoid overheating. We have therefore developed a system that allow ventilation and open spaces for all ports.

Patent Pending Danish Design

All of our products are designed and produced in Denmark by proud and passionate people. Our products are patent pendig and prortitary design.


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