Improve your gaming area with the accessories by FLOATING GRIP


Build yourself the ultimate gaming setup with FLOATING GRIP! Display your console on the wall, personalize it with colorful covers and add LED light for a cool reflection on the wall behind the console. It’s all about you creating the gaming setup you have always wanted! Enjoy!


Accessories by FLOATING GRIP


FLOATING GRIP® was started back in 2014 by the founder, Stephanie Skov. She wanted a smart and simple Wall Mount for herself as her PlayStation 4 was looking messy on the counter. She wanted to mount it on the wall right next to the TV to save space and avoid having wires laying around the TV-setup.

Stephanie is from originally from Denmark and has chosen to keep the production of the wall mounts in Denmark as well. However, the sales are global.

FLOATING GRIP is today a large Danish Brand selling proprietary designed and developed products for gamers around the world. Thousands of gamers around the world have enjoyed the development of FLOATING GRIP and the awareness is still growing.

Accessories for your FLOATING GRIP setup

Create the cool gaming area you have always! Beside displaying your console on the wall in the FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts you can also add some of the smart accessories by FLOATING GRIP.

Play With Style, Mount with FLOATING GRIP®!