Return your FLOATING GRIP order

We hope you LOVE your new FLOATING GRIP products, but if that isn’t the case or you have made a wrong order, we are happy to take back the product(s). 

For the return process we want to make it as smooth and easy for you as possible. Therefore, we have made a note that we kindly ask you to fill our and include in the parcel you return. Please do it in English and write the most beautiful you can for us to be able to read it. 

Please read our terms for the returning process here: Terms 

Don’t you worry about that, we will help you solve this asap. 

The fastest way for you to get the correct version is simply to place a new order for the correct version, and in the meantime return the one you have. On the slip you include in the package please write your order number and mark that you want a refund. 

We are very sorry about shipping the wrong item to you. That is something that we rarely experience, but mistakes can happen. 

Please contact us here: Contact and inform us about the issue. We will guide you from here. 


We are sorry to hear that, but don’t you worry about that. We offer 14 days return and money back, so please just return the product to us and mark in your slip that you are looking for a refund. 

Please feel free contact us for further assistance: Contact