About FLOATING GRIP® and the founder, Stephanie Skov

I love him but not so sure about his PlayStation

Back in 2014 I started considering how to combine living with my boyfriend, Philip, and the new PlayStation 4. He had introduced me to the new PlayStation 4 that was about to be released. I for sure wasn’t into the idea that he should have a new PlayStation laying around.

He already had this PlayStation 3 Slim laying near the TV at home. When not using it I was constantly moving it for the living room to look clean and minimalistic. I didn’t like the console laying around with all the wires and the two controllers.

“Honey, have you seen the new PlayStation 4?

Ahh, No?

Wow I love it, I’m gonna buy this on!”

I figured that a wall mount that could make the console floating nicely on the wall, right next to (or perhaps behind) the TV would be a solution we both would live with. Therefore I started designing what today is FLOATING GRIP®, the world’s smartest and slimmest wall mount.

Where it all started back in 2014

I developed the first wall mount for ourself, but as family and friends started asking about it I figured that more people needed my solution. I started producing and ordered home small packages for shipment. People started ordering. I realized that this was a great business case that could expand as people loved it. Today the wall mount is world wide patent pending and is being sold around the world through our own webshop www.FloatingGrip.com and resellers.