Microsoft are launching Project Scarlett in 2020

Microsoft's new console are to be 4 times as strong as the latest (Xbox One X) and can show up to 120 pictures per second.

Microsoft has just announced new information about the new XBOX-console. It is expected to be released in 2020. The name of the new console is “Project Scarlett” and is four times as strong as Microsoft’s latest console, Xbox One X from 2017. Xbox One X was an upgrate from Xbox One released in 2013.

Microsoft revealed the new specifications about Project Svarlett on the conference in i Los Angeles just recently according to the newsletter Reuters.

The console will be able to show up to 120 pictures per second, which is about twice as may as a standard TV does. Beside this upgrade of the console it has a SSD-harddisk instead of the now mecanical discs. Something that we at FLOATING GRIP are every excited to test as this will make it was faster to downloade games. 

Microsoft will as accordeance with the launch of the new XBOX launch a new version of the populare shootinggame “Halo”.

SONY launches new console as well

The rival, SONY, has as well just annonced the launch of their new version, PlayStation 5.

The specifications are about the same as the new XBOX and it will contain a strong AMD-processor as well. The date for the new PlayStation has yet now been revealed, but experts guess it will be end of 2020. 

Microsoft announced too, that they are launching a new method for streaming gamines in October. Instead of streaming from Microsoft’s server you will be able to stream directly from your own XBOX-console.   

Phil Spencer, who is the viceprecidens for games in Microsoft says that wheher you use a console in their datacenter or at home, you will be able to use their cloud for gaming. The new method should work on both console, PC and mobile devices. 

The first XBOX launched of Microsoft was launched in 2001. Four years later they launched the XBOX 360. In then years they have sold more than 84 millioner devices in 21 countries.  

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