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Here is our collection of most frequently asked questions. We hope this is helpful to you.

If you still have questions please provide us with your order number in the mail as this will make it more easy for us to find your order details and thereby speed up the process.

We know you are excited about your purchase and we therefore strive to make the shipping process as smoothly as possible.

Using the following link, you are able to find the the estimated shipping time: Shipping

As soon as the order is shipped you will shortly afterwords receive your tracking number to keep track of the parcel.

We know tracking your order is important to you. Therefore we have of course made it possible for you to track your order.

You will receive a tracking number for your order as soon as is has been shipped from us. 

All of our order e-mails are being sent automatically.

First of all please check your spam inbox as it might have been caught by the filter. If you still can’t find it, please contact us through the contact form above or send an e-mail to

To validate your identity we will match the e-mail used for the purchase with the e-mail used to contact us. Once we know that it is the same e-mail we will send you a copy of the order confirmation e-mail.

It’s easy to change so don’t you worry. Simply contact us through the contact form above or send an e-mail to Please provide us with your order number (if available) or with your full name. We will then find you in our system and correct your e-mail address.

In case your order was already shipped please contact us as soon as possible through the contact form above or send an e-mail to We will then contact you to arrange on how to resend a new one.

If you order hasn’t been shipped yet we can correct your shipping address right away.

Please provide us with your order number as this will speed up the process.

If you still after the estimated shipping time haven’t received your order, please contact us through the contact form above or at

First, we will have to check whether your shipping address is correct and then we will assist in location the parcel and together with you solve the issue.

Please keep in mind that we have no control over the parcel once shipped. However, we will do our very best to help you.

If you ordered the wrong version you simply return the parcel and note in the return slip which version you need to switch it to.

You pay the return fee and then we offer to pay your new shipment from us.



We are very sorry to hear that you received a wrong product. That is very unfortunate.

Please contact us at and we will help you right away.

You have 14 days to return your parcel (must be in good and unused condition).

Please find more info here: Return

Feel free to download your manual here: Manuals

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