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Organise a smart and cool gaming area with products by FLOATING GRIP®. We have products for PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and Apple TV.


Hanger by FLOATING GRIP® for Headset and VR Goggles

FLOATING GRIP® has developed a new smart and minimalistic hanger for headphones / Headset and VR Goggles. The hanger is designed to be smart and stylish with no screws to be seen. The minimalistics look that makes your gaming setup stand out.

The hanger is printed in 3D machines from Denmark. We have been working in close corporation with the largest 3D print company in Denmark to secure the best possible design and quality of the product. The quality is the best on the market and the finish of the products is perfect.

We have decided to explore the market of 3D for our hangers, because we like to care about new technology and no waist. With 3D we have limited waist, which is very important these days for the environment.

So are you ready to add some style to your gaming setup, then you should hang your headphones/ headset or VR goggles on our hanger.

We hope you are going to enjoy your new hanger!