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Wall Mounts for Gamers

Display your console for a tidy gaming setup

Forget about wires lying around making your gaming setup look messy. Mount your console next to your TV and hide the wires behind for a clean and neat setup! 


Forget about wires lying around making your gaming station looking messy. Use the empty space on your wall and mount your console right next to your TV.


We know you have paid good money for your console. Therefore we have developed a Wall Mount for your to mount your device safely and secure on your wall. And YES, we do guarantee.

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Wall Mounts

It should be quick and easy to mount your console. Our Wall Mounts are easy to mount and handle. We provide both screws, plugs and a bits for you. Install right away and enjoy your new setup.

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Mount your Console in a Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP®

How can you upgrade your gaming area? We have the solution. By Mounting your console on the wall right next to your TV you both get to save space and your setup suddenly looks like a PRO Gamer’s!  

Our Wall Mounts are designed with the purpose of being both stylish and functional. Most importantly it’s designed to keep your console stable and safe on your wall allowing you to focus on gaming. 

We started Long time ago making Wall Mounts for Gamers

Since 2014

In 2014 the Founder, Stephanie Skov, designed the very first Wall Mount  by FLOATING GRIP for her Boyfriend. His PS4 (Original) was lying on the TV-furniture messy with wires all around and controllers getting lost. She designed a Wall Mount inspired from how painting are mounted. 

Read more about her story and who we are today here. 

Experience design, quality and functionality with the wall mounts by FLOATING GRIP®.

Smart Wall MOunts for PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo and Apple TV