Wall mounts for your PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Apple TV

Play With Style

Forget about wires laying around making your gaming station looking messy. Use the empty space on your wall and mount your console right next to your TV.


We know you have paid good money for your console. Therefore we have developed a wall mount for your to mount your device safely and secure on your wall. Our wall mounts allow 360 degree of ventilation.


It should be quick and easy to mount your console. Our wall mounts are easy to mount and handle. We provide both screws, plugs and a bits for you. Install right away and enjoy your new setup.

How to install your wall mount

Our wall mounts are designed with the purpose of being both stylish and functional. This mean that it needs to be easy to use and install. 

In addition they need to comply with the functionality of your console and we have therefore developed specific wall mounts for each console to adapt to the different size and shapes.

How to upgrade your TV-area and avoid messy wires

You already have a console at home, why not mount it nicely and stylish on the wall?
It’s easy to mount your PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Apple TV in one of our wall mounts in minimalistic design.

Smartest wall mounts for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Apple TV

Forget all about the mess at home with all the wires laying around. Now you can save space and secure your console on the wall.
Experience design, quality and functionality with the wall mounts by FLOATING GRIP®.

Mount your console right next to your TV

We know you love when you have the time to use your console. We just want to make it even more cool having your console mounted safe and nicely on your wall. What’s not to like?

Strong and thoroughly tested materials

All wall mount grips are stress tested to ensure each and every grip complies with our high product standards.

Safe and secure

We know that you have paid good money for your console which is why we have developed safe wall mounts that secures your console nicely on your wall.

360 degree of ventilation

Your device needs ventilation to avoid overheating. Due to that we have developed a system that allows as much ventilation as possible.

World Wide Patent Pending

All of our products are designed and produced in Denmark by proud and passionate people. Our products are registered World Wide Patent Pending and Proprietary Design

Spice up your gaming station

Have fun and play with style with FLOATING GRIP®