PlayStation Controller Wall Mounts



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Storage your PlayStation Controllers on your wall

It is super easy to mount your controllers on your wall in the Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP®. You can for example mount the controllers right next to your TV or next to your your console (if mounted on the wall too).

The FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts are designed to discreetly hold your controllers stable and safely mounted to your wall. The design of the controllers is very sleek which is why we have designed our mounts to be as simple as possible.

  • Sold globally since 2014
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Proudly handmade in Europe

Order your FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts here or from one of our retailers.

Console and controllers are sold separately from external retailers. PlayStation is registered trademark of SONY. FLOATING GRIP is a registered trademark of FLOATING GRIP ApS.

How to mount your PlayStation Controllers on the Wall in
the Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP®

This tutorial video shows how to mount the PlayStation controllers in the Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP®.

You will receive a manual written in 9 different languages, and an illustration illustrating how to work the setup. 

The Wall Mounts consist of one mounting part (to be screwed into the wall) and a rope to cover the controllers. The mounting system is super easy to learn and you will fast get used to it.

Good to know

Strong and thoroughly tested materials

We focus on simplicity in our Wall Mounts' design and high quality materials to keep your console Stable and Secure when mounted.


YES, we do guarantee our Wall Mounts. We know you have paid good money for your devices and want you to feel 100% comfortable using our Wall Mounts.

Since 2014

Why choose FLOATING GRIP®? FLOATING GRIP® started back in 2014 selling one version Wall Mount for PS4 (original). Since then the Brand has expanded to offering several versions and selling to gamers around the world.

Proudly Made in Europe

All of our Wall Mounts are produced in Denmark with parts delivered from around in Europe. We have high industrial companies producing some parts and local workers packaging the different products.

PS4 Controllers

Additional Information

We have collected the most important information for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP®. 

  • Package weight: About 50 grams
  • Max Weight load: Our Wall Mounts can hold up to 10 kg. (22 lbs). NOTE: PlayStation Controllers weights approximately 0.2 kg. (0.4 lbs).
  • Nice to know: The only thing you need to mount is a screwdriver and/or a drill. Screws, wall plugs and bits are included.
  • Origen: Proudly made in Denmark
  • Functionality rights: Patent Pending and Proprietary Design licensed by FLOATING GRIP ApS
  • Note: Controllers are not included.

Wall mount for PlayStation Controllers by FLOATING GRIP®

FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount for PlayStation Controllers makes it easy for you to mount your Controllers on the wall. Mount them right next to your console or anywhere you prefer. Perhaps you have two for your PlayStation, or perhaps a lot of controllers. Mount them to save space and create a clean setup or mount them to show off all your controllers.

Either way you get an easy way to mount your controllers in the FLOATING GRIP Wall mounts. You might be surprised by the simplicity of the FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount but since our focus is on your controllers the FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts are designed to be as invisible as possible.

We have been selling FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts to Gamers Globally since 2014. The Mounts are hand made in Europe out of high-quality materials carefully collected for the best possible end-product. We hope you are going to create a cool setup with a FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any concerns or feedback.