We are proud sponser of these organizations

Sørby eSport is a Danish eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

TMA eSport is a German eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

SX-gaming is a Germany eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

This is a eSport community located in the UK. We are proud sponsors.

GAME Entertainment / CEL Gaming is a Danish eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

This eSport community is located in the USA. We are proud sponsors.

This a Danish eSport community – League Championship Denmark. We are so proud to be officially sponsor

We are so proud to sponsor and work together with the Danish streaming community Last Level.

We are proud sponsor of the German gaming community.

We are proud sponsor of the German gaming community.

ACES is a Danish eSport and gaming organization. We are proud sponsors. 

Here is what we might be able to offer you

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2) Giveaway

Want to spoil your followers? 

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Please notice that even though you meet the requirements, you might be rejected. We carefully choose profiles that we think can represent us and our values. 

3) Sponsorship

We are proud to be sponsoring different eSport communities and organizations. 

Are you from an e-sport organization, feel free to apply for sponsorship below (find the application from and requirements below). 


To be part of our sponrship program you need to meet the following requirements. 

  • Large registered organiation with a VAT number.
  • Or a large registered community with a VAT number.

Sponsorship programs

Different partner/sponsorships:

  • Giveaways
  • Prizes for events/tournaments

For every option we have to consider whether we are interested in offering a sponsorship.


Even though everything is as required we reserve the right to choose who we want to offer a sponsorship.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.