Looking for a sponsorship?


We are proud to be sponsoring different eSport communities. To us it is exciting to be able to make a small difference to these communities as we love to be part of their eSport events and tournaments.  

eSport is such a cool sport that is growing faster than any other sport globally. It’s amazing how much energy so many people are collecting together through gaming. We are so proud to be part of the journey with many eSport teams and communities. Lets all help each other grow.

Sørby eSport is a Danish eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

TMA eSport is a German eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

SX-gaming is a Germany eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

This is a eSport community located in the UK. We are proud sponsors.

GAME Entertainment / CEL Gaming is a Danish eSport community. We are proud sponsors.

This eSport community is located in the USA. We are proud sponsors.

This a Danish eSport community – League Championship Denmark. We are so proud to be officially sponsor

We are so proud to sponsor and work together with the Danish streaming community Last Level.

Looking for a partner/sponsorship?

Write us a message and include: 

  1. Short introduction to who you are.
  2. Include active links to your web page or social media profiles.
  3. What are you looking for from us?
  4. Tell us how you can help us in return.

As we do receive a lot of requests please be very specific.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  


Different partner/sponsorships:

  • Products for the team
  • Products as prizes for an event/tournament
  • Review*
  • Giveaway*
  • Ambassador (meaning you receive a discount code for your followers, and each time someone uses your code you receive a fee)**
  • Discount code for a limited period of time

For every option we have to consider whether we are interested in offering a sponsorship. Even though everything is as required we reserve the right to choose who we want to offer a sponsorship.

*Requires at least 5.000 followers on social media.

**Requires at least 10.000 followers on social media.