FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts|PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo and AppleTV


Organise a smart and cool gaming area with products by FLOATING GRIP®. We have products for PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and Apple TV.


Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP®

FLOATING GRIP® is a Danish Brand selling proprietary designed and developed products for gamers around the world since 2014.
Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP® are designed to leave consoles stylishly and discreetly placed on the wall. All products are designed by the Founder, Stephanie Skov, who started the company back in 2014.
The Wall Mounts are designed to be functional, smart and secure.

As the console needs airflow, the PlayStation wall mounts are designed to allowing the console a 360-degree ventilation. This is unique compared to other wall mounts.

The wall mount system consists of three special developed parts which together ensures a solid solution that stabilizes the console. Furthermore, the console can quickly and easily be adjusted to level in the wall mount do to the system.

With the wall mounts by FLOATING GRIP® you save space and at the same time are able to create a cool area as it leaves your console in a stylish floating position on the wall.

The Skins by FLOATING GRIP® are designed to upgrade your console on the wall. Why not make the console shine a little extra up there. Also, the skins are designed and produced with focus on the customer. We know that you like to change style at home, which is why are skins are easy removable.

Play With Style!